5 Best Steel Tip Darts In 2020 – How To Choose The Suitable One?

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Buying new darts for non-advanced players seems to be simple and easy. However, for tip dart enthusiasts, they need to consider a lot of factors to choose for themselves the best steel tip darts that suit their needs.

Darts also come in many different types with diverse designs and materials. And of course, they are nothing alike in terms of price categories. To make the right decision, we recommend that you read this article to learn about the current best steel tip darts and how to choose the right one.

6 factors You Should Notice When Buying

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Right under below, we list and explain to you clearly all of the factors you have to notice when buying the best steel tip darts. Scroll down to see what they are!


The first factor to check out when buying a steel tip dart is its manufacturer company. It is always good to buy a product from a trustable brand because you don’t have to worry about the quality. Some good brands selling high-quality darts that we can tell are Viper, IgnatGames, Bottelsen, CC-Exquisite, CueSoul, etc.


The weight of a dart creates many effects on throwing accuracy. Depending on your habits in playing, you will decide which weight is suitable for you. 

On the market, the best steel tip darts often weigh from 10g to 50g. If the darts sellers allow you to try their products before buying, you should try all the darts in order to find the item that you feel comfortable with.

Number of Darts Needed

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Another essential factor you should notice is the number of darts required for the game. Of course, you can not make a multiplayer game when the darts are not enough, right?

Due to this reason, you should estimate how many people would join your game. After that, prepare for every person about 8 – 10 darts. For convenience, you can also buy a pack of tip darts at a time.


The length of the dart decides if your dart can fly well or not. Usually, the short darts can fly more stable than the long ones do. However, they may wobble a little bit during the flight. On the other hand, long darts often fly strongly and fastly. But the bad point is, they may lose balance during the flight.


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The truth is, you can not afford expensive darts if your budget does not allow you. On the market, there is plenty of good darts that you can refer to. Therefore, make sure that you check all of them carefully before deciding to buy.

Of course, if you have a lot of money, don’t hesitate to purchase some high-quality products. As people often say, you get what you pay for, right?

Back end fins (wings)

Besides the factor length we have mentioned above, the back end fins (wings) also decides how well the dart can keep balanced during the flight. Thanks to these fins (wings), the darts can stabilize themselves to fly longer and straighter.

The manufacturer has plenty of material options to produce the back end fins (wings) of the darts. Commonly, the materials are often plastic, nylon, textured nylon, and so on. 

For a good fly, we recommend you choose the item that is made of nylon. This material is often stiff and can work to keep the dart flying stably really well.

Some of the Best Steel Tip Darts

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After listing and explaining to you 6 important factors you should consider when buying the best steel tip darts, we will share with you the top 5 hottest products on the market. Check them out to see if any of them impresses you!

1. Viper Blitz Steel Tip Darts

2. IgnatGames Professional Darts Set

3. Bottelsen Hammer Head Darts

4. CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set

5. CueSoul Tungsten Darts


Finally, our article has come to the end. To summarize, we have instructed you on how to choose the best steel tip darts and given the top 5 hottest products on the market. Hopefully, you can get the right darts for yourself.

For further questions about tip darts, please get in touch with us. We will answer you as quickly as we could.

And for the last words, we want to say many thanks to you for having read this article! Enjoy your dart games!

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