What To Do With Old T Shirts

T-shirts are loved the world over. I often buy T-shirts at Lapommenyc Store. They are things you can’t run away from even if you don’t like them. If you happen to get involved in events organized by corporates, be ready to part with a good number of T-shirts.

Have you accumulated these t-shirts in your house to the extent that you are left wondering what you can do with them? Do you want to know how to reuse old t-shirts? Old t-shirt ideas that you are about to come across in this piece will help you minimize, downsize and even simplify your collection of t-shirts.

It is very important to always craft ideas for old t-shirts. I have personally put into practice some of these ideas that I’m about to share with you when I was in the same problem you are in. I hope they’ll help solve a great portion if not the whole old t-shirt problem.

1. Upcycled Pillows

You can actually repurpose old t-shirts to make pillows. In fact, pillows made from old t-shirts bring about some personalization with them, therefore, making your living or bedroom a nice place to stay in.

Kids really like such kind of pillows. Mine really enjoyed playing with the pillows I made out of old t-shirts. The process of making these pillows is quite simple and cheap. What to do with old t-shirts you want to keep shouldn’t be a question to worry you anymore.

Upcycled Pillows
Source: Pinterest

2. T-shirt Necklace

Can you imagine yourself in a t-shirt necklace? How cute is that? Necklaces can be easily made from simple old t-shirts. The good thing with these necklaces is that you can customize them into different colors that will probably give the best look out of you.

The necklaces are lightweight, soft and to a greater extent comfortable to walk around in. Try out this one of the many creative ideas for old t-shirts and you’ll surely love the results. Without a doubt these are some of the best ways to express yourself.

3. Donate them

There are organizations that do collect old t-shirts which they sew into new things before shipping them to needy persons like orphans across different parts of the world. You can actually be part of this beautiful story of changing lives.

You don’t need to be rich to touch lives of the less unfortunate. Just a simple act of giving out your old clothing can go a long way in making a significant difference. Now, before you dump your old t-shirts think about this idea as well.

4. Baby bibs

from my ihoop hoodie

Bibs made from old t-shirts are nice-looking and great for kids. You can actually make them for your baby or even gift them to a friend or relative. They’ll for sure appreciate such a gift. Something that stands out is creatively done and comfortable for the kid.

Alternatively, you can make some extra cash out of this idea. Why don’t you just make these bibs and sell to the parent’s or soon to be ones? Don’t be surprised if you are overwhelmed by the demand for these unique baby accessories. Money issues shouldn’t bring you down when you have plenty of old t-shirts in your house.

5. Tote bags

Uses for old t-shirts are so many, one of them being none sewn tote bags. These bags can be made in under 10 minutes without even sewing a thing. You can actually use the bags to carry some of your light stuff when going to the park, for example.

These bags are also great for transporting kids’ stuff like diapers. I once went to the grocery with such a bag and everybody wanted to take home my own as it looked really nice. I had to share the idea with a number of women who couldn’t believe it. Try this out as well.

6. Fringe skirts

Are you a teenager? Do you have a teenage daughter that keeps asking for fringe skirt because she has seen some of her friends with them? Well, here is the thing. You see that t-shirt that she used to love but not anymore? Change it into a skirt for her.

I tell you girls are obsessed with fringe skirts. Just get your girl one and you’ll see how happy she’ll be. You don’t even need to spend large sums of money to make them.

Fringe skirts

7. T-shirt Rug

 T-shirt Rug

A rug made from an old t-shirt is such a cool one. This is a perfect example of what to do with old mickey mouse supreme DIY. You can actually use two unlike t-shirts to make a more beautiful one. Why should you buy rugs when you possess hundreds of old t-shirts? That’s a complete waste of resources to me.

The worst thing about these bought rugs is that they aren’t as soft on the feet as the t-shirt-made ones. Now make the right choice. Make strips on your t-shirts then knit them together to make a rug.

8. Braided belts

Have you ever wondered about what to do with old sentimental t-shirts? How about braided belts? Braided belts are some of the cool things to do with t-shirts! The good thing about making these belts is that they are soft, can be made to a favorable size and color. The belts can be customized for different functions and dresses. This is, therefore, an awesome old shirt project that you can try out anytime.

9. Knotted Lampshade

I once visited one of my many friends and came out with this great idea after what I saw at her place. The beautifully crafted lampshades were nicely done that you couldn’t imagine they were actually products of old t-shirts.

10.Workout shirt

It is a good practice to always exercise. Physical fitness is very important to a human’s well-being. Your old t-shirts could actually make some of the very best costumes for working out. This saves you some good money that you could have spent on new workout kits.

Workout shirt
Source: Pinterest

Wrapping Up

There are so many things to make out of old t-shirts. However, these are some of the ideas that I have found to be of great use. It just calls for a little creativity and you’ll have made something exceptional from the t-shirts you no longer put on.

Do you know of any recycled t-shirt ideas that I haven’t talked of in this article? Is there  anything that you can add on to the information herein? Share your thoughts and concerns with us.

Hedgehog Art from a Manroot Seedpod

Marah fabaceus (a.k.a. mountain cucumber or manroot) is a pernicious California native vine which grows like kudzu here in the winter and spring. It smothers nearby plants, then produces potato sized thorny seed pods. If it is not removed promptly, it dies back when the weather warms up, creating a tangled, tinder-box-like fire hazard which breaks apart at the slightest tug, making it a royal pain to clean up. You cannot kill the plant; the only way to remove it permanently is to dig up the root which can weigh up to 100 lbs (hence the name manroot).

Imagine my surprise to see my garden nemesis transformed by my son (with help from my wife) into an ephemeral hedgehog tribute to Mrs. Tiggy-winkle. Media: manroot seedpod, pepper corns, salt, pasta o’s