Best Electric Hedge Trimmer For Fast And Convenient Gardening Tasks!

best electric hedge trimmer

When the lawn mower can no longer deal with your excessively overgrown garden, you would definitely think of the best electric hedge trimmer as your savior.

Choosing an electric trimmer would be your most appropriate decision as they are safe, gas-and-fume-free and easy to use. 

So, what is the best electric hedge trimmer? Which one would be your trustworthy companion? Come and find out!

Best Electric Hedge Trimmer – The Insight

#1: Toro 51490 Trimmer – Best For Durability

Although Toro is not a big name in the gardening tools market, the Toro 51490 Trimmer – the most outstanding product from Toro is still favored by a lot of trimmer-seekers.

Facilitated with a fantastic 4 amp motor, this Toro’s hedge trimmer will enable you to roll on your work without any drop during the performance. 

What this trimmer can bring is more than that. For other trimmers with a low-amp motor, running continuously will cause heat and damage in the engine and thus, you will have to stop in the middle of the work to set time for the motor to cool down.

There is also a support handle to avoid using difficulties and danger as a single handle is not enough to ensure you can grip and balance the trimmer securely.

Not specifically designed to work with large scale work, this Toro’s hedge trimmer is equipped with a 22-inch-long cutting bar, which seems to be short amongst its rivals. 

  • Large motor enables durability
  • Rather light, only 6.2 pounds
  • Comfortable and convenient handle grip
  • Affordable
  • Poor cutting capacity
  • No blade covers

Verdict: The Toro 51490 Trimmer is undoubtedly ideal for your garden’ s regular maintenance, but we suggest you consider other models if you are looking for a high-intensity gardening tool.

#2: BLACK+DECKER Trimmer – Best Overall

BLACK+DECKER is no longer a strange name in the household equipment field. When it comes to a hedge trimmer, this manufacturer is proud to present the HH2455 model as it has all the features needed to be your most reliable partner.

The most exceptional feature that makes this trimmer worthy is its marvellous blade. The blade is forged to have a chief length – up to 24-inch, which proved excellent in trimming hassle and hard-to-reach lawns.

That’s not the end. The rotating rear handle is uniquely designed to provide you with 5 optional stops for easier cutting in both vertical and horizontal directions.

However, this machine is not installed with a blade or a tip cover as well as a motor brake. That means the safety issue should be considered the most when running this device.

You will have to take complete control and ensure that there are no out-of-hands cases. 

  • Compact yet sturdy handle
  • Medium noise and vibration
  • Ideal for large scale work
  • No blade protection and brake

Verdict: Professionals and experts would appreciate this BLACK+DECKER Trimmer because of their remarkable productivity.

Yet, beginners should move on other products as not getting used to this trimmer may lead to safety risk.

#3: WORX Hedge Trimmer – Best For Battery

The WORX Hedge Trimmer will grasp all your appreciation as it is commonly aimed at beginners and Do-It-Yourselfers, which will enable you to finish effortless tasks.

This cordless trimmer is attached to a MAX Lithium battery, which allows extra-long and stable runtime while taking only about 3 hours to reach full battery status.

The dual-action and firm-steel blades permit a quiet running and efficient cutting as this machine can approach the most overgrown branches and twigs.

A downside of this device is its cutting ability. Despite showing effectiveness when trimming part of the yard, the machine starts to show a slowdown when operating in a long time.

  • Lightweight and simple to control
  • Enduring and robust battery and charger
  • Valid in cutting thick area
  • Not ideal for high-frequent yard work

Verdict: This WORX Hedge Trimmer is particularly suitable for novices and amateurs as they provide great control and housing scale work.

Contradictorily, this machine is not ordinarily proper for commercial use or large computation work.

#4: Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer – Best For Price 

Even the grumpiest shoppers will fancy this Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer as it can satisfy every diverse demand even the hardest.

This device is equipped with a dual-action steel blade, which is not only lightweight but also enables a broad range of cutting – go up to 9/16 branches.

At first sight, you can realize there is a transparent shield added in front of the grip to avoid leaves and twigs splashing on your hands.

Unfortunately, a blade and tip cover is not included in this machine set, and there is no lock function as well. You may have to purchase these items additionally to maintain the machine properly.

  • Lightweight and beginners-friendly
  • Extended warranty going up to 4 years
  • 4 amp motor provides a durable job
  • Come with reasonable price among other commodities
  • High vibration level
  • Not ideal for large scale work

Verdict: If you are finding a cheap but useful small-scale trimmer, the Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer will fit your needs.

However, a larger-scale site like a park may be out of this device’s ability.

#5: Scotts Hedge Trimmer – Best For Portability

The Scotts Hedge Trimmer is believed to lie in the top hedge trimmers list because of its prominent characteristics.

A sharp yet flexible blade is the first quality when mentioning this machine. The cutting bar is made of hardened steel and aluminium, which is noticeably tough and damage-resistant.

This tool is also compact with just 4.8 pounds, which can be easily maneuvered and will be suitable for projects that require a significant transfer.

However, the low-power motor makes this machine unable to run at high intensity and thus, has a limited operating time per year.

  • Fume-free, hence environment-friendly
  • Great portability
  • Easily approach to shrubs and hedges
  • Quite affordable
  • Single handle
  • No blade tip safeguard

Verdict: This Scotts Hedge Trimmer is especially suitable for dense-moving trimming work, but anyone wants a housing repair device only, this machine is not a favourable option.

How To Select The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer? 

best electric hedge trimmers 2020

There are some crucial features that you have to bear in mind when purchasing an electric hedge trimmer. This will be a vital foundation for your trimmer selection.


The motor’s amp is an essential factor to choose a reliable trimmer. This proportion will decide the running time, the durability, and the tool’s longevity.

Blade Types

There are basically two types of blade: single and dual-action blade.

While the former is less popular as it only moves in one direction, the latter can move in opposite directions and therefore cut in either orientation.

The size of the blade commonly ranges from 16 to 26 inches in length, and the longest blade would certainly be the best as it can reach the thickest bushes and shrubs.


best electric hedge trimmer amazon

The maneuverability of a trimmer links directly to its weight. Thus, choosing a lightweight device would be a wise decision, especially when you have difficulty lifting a certain amount of weight. 

The ideal weight for an easy-to-maneuver trimmer often varies from 4 to 10 pounds with the heavier the machine, the more power it generates.

Noise Level

You might not be interested in this feature at first, but it actually makes a significant impact in the long run. If you are a trimmer frequent-users, the constant noise will lead to hearing impairment.

A machine with 40-70 decibels noise rating would be favorable for every kind of user.


This long but beneficial post coming to an end means that you have grasped all the information necessitated to buy a proper trimmer.

Every product has its pros and cons, but if having to choose one, we would highly suggest the BLACK+DECKER Trimmer as it can be utilized in both small and large scale trimming work.

Thank you for reading our best electric hedge trimmer review to the end. What are you waiting for? It is time to make your decision and hit the store!

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